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explained to mankind by Abd-ru-shin

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The book “The Ten Commandments of God and The Our Father - explained to mankind by Abd-ru-shin” was published for the first time in autumn 1929. With his explanations based on the knowledge about the workings of the laws of creation – such as mediated by him in the Grail Message – Abd-ru-shin opens for humanity of the present time a new access to the understanding of these ancient writings, which in religious thought even today are still bestowed a deep significance. The attentive reader will recognise the concrete and immeasurable help these texts hold for him, provided that he makes the effort to recognise the intention for which they were given to mankind.

Abd-ru-shin writes with regard to the “Ten Commandments”:

“Who makes the effort of trying to comprehend a commandment thoroughly. When one sees how thoughtlessly children and adults habitually treat the commandments of their God, every serious-minded person could and should be horrified.

The commandments are learned and superficially discussed at school. Man is happy when he has absorbed the wording within, and can to some extent provide information concerning them, for as long as there is any danger of his being questioned about them. When he leaves school to enter economic life then these words too are soon forgotten, and therewith also the meaning. The best proof of the fact that he was not really interested at all in what his Lord and God demands of him.

But he does not even demand anything therewith, but gives in love to all men what they urgently need! From the Light it was indeed perceived how far human beings were going astray. Thus, like a teacher, God faithfully showed them the path that leads them to eternal existence in the luminous realm of the spirit, hence to their happiness; whereas disobedience must lead to unhappiness and ruin for the human beings!

Just for that reason it is actually not correct when one speaks of commandments. Rather they are very well-meant pieces of advice, the pointing out of the right path through matter, with which the human spirits themselves wished to become acquainted.”

(from the chapter “The Third Commandment”)

“You see that all the commandments are but the best friends for men, in order to protect them faithfully from evil and from suffering! Therefore, love them and respect them as a treasure, the guarding of which brings you joy alone!”

(from the chapter “The Fifth Commandment”)



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